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Precision Baseball

Precision Baseball strives to help young athletes achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential. We build a foundation at the youngest age to build upon for the next level. Is your dream to play high school, college or at the professional level? We build a developmental game plan which targets specific physical, mechanical and mental aspects of the game for each athlete looking to increase their skills. Each player entering our facility works with a dedicated professional instructor to help improve the player through their knowledge, experiences and expertise of the game.

Casino Night 2018 benefiting the 3 UP 3 Down Baseball Foundation

Precision  Baseball

Precision Baseball

1865 Grassland Pkwy., Alpharetta, GA 30004

Phone: 678-585-3100

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Casino Night 2018

How it works......

Your Casino Night ticket starts you out with chips to play roulette, craps, blackjack, and poker. At the end of the night, take your winnings  and turn them into raffle tickets to win more then 25 different raffle items. We also have over 30 signed MLB & NFL memorabilia  and other silent auction items to bid on. Join us for a fun night out with friends!

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